Our Story 

Sabrina SL is a non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand – based and produced in NYC. 

Sabrina SL was born in 2016 with an intention to share whimsical, feel-good, and elevated casual wardrobes.  

Whether you dress it up for an occasion or keep it laid-back over the weekend, we want you to do all of the things on your plate while feeling like your true self when you put on our pieces. Born out of inspirations from her surroundings like effortless street styles, art pieces at the MET, and respected vintage designers, Sabrina SL is designed for all generations who share the passion and appreciation for the little beautiful things in life. 

Each piece is thoughtfully made from conceptualization and design to production. We deliver quality pieces in small quantities that are timeless and long-lasting. 

Production Ethics 

All of our products are ethically produced in small batches at NYC Garment District -  where every piece gets a finishing touch by the hands of the veteran sewers. We work together to choose mainly natural materials that feel comfortable on your skin, and flow naturally along the curvature of your body.  All patterns are created by the designer, Sabrina Sun, where every pattern is carefully and thoughtfully drawn and cut out at her home studio before making its way to the garment district for final production.