Sabrina Sun is a designer and artist based in NYC. 
All of the pieces are handmade by Sabrina Sun.  All of the jewelry productions come from material sources. The creation  and the cleaning are all done in her jewelry making studio in NYC.  Each piece of jewelry is made to order, meaning every item is one of a kind, made specifically for you.
"True vision comes from the heart."  
Each piece of jewelry is beautifully crafted to reflect Sabrina Sun’s time, skill, and passion.  Sabrina Sun believes attention to detail is essential to every piece of jewelry to get a perfect design, comfort level, and fit.  Each piece of jewelry is a personal work of art that will speak to each customer differently.  By wearing Sabrina SL jewelry, the customer will find a deeper meaning and build an inner connection with the collection and their own hearts.
Sabrina Sun is not expecting  love at first sight towards each jewelry pieces; instead she is looking for a second sight realization that turn jewelry into something more precious.
Sabrina SL jewelry draws from the interactions between people and the world around us; particularly the smallest activities.  With this, she intuitively places each piece into  interpretive shapes, color and patterns.