"It’s like 

Androgynous fairy 

But without a cause 

More of a “ just cause “

And just cause also - I’m a fairy and a lawyer 

Or a stay at home mom

Or a baker

Or a teacher 

Or a scientist but a fairy still 

It’s all really so easy and beautiful 

A blend of some having more structure and the others really letting your body and mood form the clothes themselves instead other way around 

It’s really everything

Like the way you used the string from the top to also act as a little hair tie all in one

Makes it easy for a person to see this and feel inspired with the different looks they can create


Oddly enough it reminds me of really nice furniture pieces 

Like one of a kind sculptured chairs and lamps and such 

Funky but not sharp or edgy 

Funky and cozy"

Poem by Sasha Lane