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Hi Anette!Today, one year ago on 5.5.2012 I saw you live for the very first time at the concert in Nfcrnberg. It s so sad that you aren t at the band anyomre and as you left, I was so terribly sad and sometimes I am still. Because Nightwish with you meant everything to me, everything. Nowadays, I don t care any mor for the band. Nightwish with you was one of the first metal bands I listened to, and for me, metal was Nightwish at that time, but only because of you. But I believe that everything has its sense and I m so glad that we still can write you here and read from you here. And I m so sure that I will see you again :)Have a nice evening now and please take always good care of yourself :)Hugs,Pascal


I love all the answers!1.) I have been a iintreor painter, designer, and building homes for 17 years alongside my hubby. I have a passion though for fitness and would love to a a instructor or personal trainer, good health is everything!2.Island Living by India Hicks. I smell like the ocean.3.Anything ebay, I am a junky for bidding, I’ve been known to get up in the middle of the night just to bid on something! LOL.4.I adore Kelly Wearstler, she has worked so hard at creating an empire, yet still carves out time for her family and fans. She is everything Girl Power is!5. The prospect of my 4th home selling, so that I get to start and design a new one, with the person who inspires me every day… my husband!


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