no3 - Path Less Taken | part I | Sakura Kojima

no3 - Path Less Taken | part I | Sakura Kojima

Sakura Kojima is a brand consultant for sustainable business and a farmer in training based in Hudson Valley, New York.  

Sun sign: Capricorn

How do you feel about your body image?

Content. When I was younger, I used to be self-conscious about my height and jealous of girls with longer legs. During my young twenties, I used to wear heels almost everyday (talk about painful memories). Over the years, I’ve figured out what looks good on my frame  and learned to feel comfortable in my skin with or without my heels :) Plus, my strong legs come in handy in the mountain.

What you do for living, how does it satisfying your heart.

I’m a brand consultant for sustainable businesses, mostly from Japan and here in Hudson Valley. It is satisfying to see the growth of good companies from conceptualizing to product selling. We produce too many things, too much waste. I believe in helping people who want to make the planet a little greener with their products and services.

I’m also a farmer in training at a local herb farm - learning to grow, process, and cook plant medicine!  Not only does it satisfy my heart to work hand in hand with mother nature but it lead me to become more aware of my own consumption and way of living. It fuels my consulting business in a way where I understand every material, maker, land, and technology are all interconnected. 

Describe your edgier moment/side.

My secret tango moves lol.

 Three people inspire you the most.

My grandmother | Frida Kahlo | Yoko Ono

What does a good dress mean to you, how do you feel about the Brigid dress.

A good dress should be COMFY & FITTING at the same time. Feel-good material and cut are everything to me. I love how Brigid dress felt on my skin (I believe it’s made out of linen?). Also it’s surprisingly playful with open, adjustable back. Sexy in a subtle way. It’s a piece I would wear to running errands AND dancing tango!

Three brands on top of your head and why (doesn't mean it's your favorite brand either).

LL. Beans | Sorel | Keen | I’m clearly looking for new snow boots.

How would you want this world to be different because you live in it.

I want everyone on this planet to be free to choose their own path. I come from a culture with set expectations and restrictions based on gender, age, and race and that require you perform a certain way instead of doing what’s right for you this moment. I still struggle with it but try to listen more carefully to the beat of my own drum.

I haven’t figured out how to change this world yet, but I know it starts from within.


Now ask me a questions.

Sakura: What’s stored for SABRINA SL this upcoming year?

Sabrina: I will passionately/aggressively present my Sabrina SL as a sustainable/slow fashion brand on both garment and jewelry pieces.  Perhaps SSL capsule collection along the way, possibly spring of 2019. :)

Please state your normal dress size, and your height.

Size 0-2, 5 feet flat!

Sakura is wearing Brigid dress in blue linen.

to restate | Sakura is 5', normal clothing size is 0-2 | wearing SSL Bridget dress in Blue (one sized dress) | Sabrina SL Double Bar Cuff | Nina Z SARA Clog

Sakura Kojima @saksox


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