no.2 - A beautiful human being | Stacie Lucas

no.2 - A beautiful human being | Stacie Lucas

Stacie Lucas is a gallery owner at Lucas Lucas gallery57 Conselyea Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211 

Sun sign : Taurus

How do you feel about your body image?

I’ve always been a bit of a string bean and was made fun of quite a bit growing up. In my mid to late 20s I really learned to appreciate my body, embrace my little tits, chicken legs and perky butt. Of course, my body is changing as I write this and I find my naked body to look beautiful at 4 months pregnant. I feel strong and am open for the changes that are inevitably taking place.

What you do for living, how does it satisfying your heart.

I am a gallery owner, art consultant and brand strategist. I love being able to work with artists and providing them opportunities to show and make money off of their passions. The gallery only works with artists in social impact, which is absolutely on purpose and makes me feel like I’m contributing to bringing positive and important messaging and conversation to NYC and the world.

Describe your edgier moment/side.

I am on the cusp of Gemini and certainly have a darker/edgier side. I embrace my own sexuality and have explored all types of physical and romantic relationships throughout my adulthood.

Three people inspire you the most.

Oh man, I find inspiration in so many women I get to cross paths with. I’m lucky to get to work and be friends with so many badass women who inspire me everyday.

I’m inspired by my wonderful friends Tiffany Erwin and Kristen Alsterklint, who are unwavering in their careers and families (Tiffany has two little ones under the age of 4!), know their worth, and have a ton of fun along their paths.

I’m inspired by my friend since the age of 3, Michael Santora, who has built an empire with his own two hands and brilliant mind.

I’m inspired by my brother, Joshua Lucas, a Marine-turned-filmmaker, who has graduated with an MFA from Columbia School of Journalism and become a serious journalist since the 2016 election.

While each super successful in their careers and lives, the common thread amongst these pillars in my life is that they have the most generous hearts. Damn, this is making my tear up here…

What does a good dress mean to you, how do you feel about the Brigid dress.

A good dress is classic, chic, and a bit eccentric. The Brigid dress embodies these three traits and also can be worn in a number of ways, based on your vibe at the moment. I love how the Brigit dress is somehow both effortless and bold.

Three brand on top of your head and why (doesn't mean it's your favorite brand either).

MaisonMargiela – Martin always hits the mark for me.

ArianaBoussard-Reifel – another woman who always inspires me and turns out incredibly well thought out collections.

Slow Factory – Celine Semaan is doing profound work in turning an entire industry on its head in the name of social and environmental justice.

How would you want this world to be different because you live in it.

I hope to be a part of an actual trickle-down-effect via the work that I do: practice kindness, be open to learning from others and pass it forward into the world.

Plus media reform. My big dream is to take down corporate influence in media someday.

Now ask me a questions.

Stacie: What inspires you in your design process? How important is slow fashion to you?

Sabrina: Slow fashion is beyond important to me.  That is why I focus on each design step just right to my vision and towards heart.  Most of the pieces are designed and made in NYC.  I find my inspiration everywhere through out the day.  Sky and clouds, styles of people walking on the street, color combination of nature objects and food, etc...for example, the shape of SSL Water Drop Earring is  from water coloring paint my son “dropped/created” on a piece of paper.

Please state your normal dress size, and your height.

Normally: size 0, 26 jeans, 5’ 4”

Currently: size 4

Stacie is wearing SSL Bridget dress in Mist.

to restate | Stacie is 5'4", normal clothing size is 0 | currently pregnant wearing size 4 | wearing SSL Bridget dress in Mist (one sized dress)

Stacie Lucas @makinglucas

Lucas Lucas @lucaslucasnyc

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